Saturday, 15 January 2011


SURVIVAL HORROR SET 6: UNSTOPPABLE is now available from RPGNow:

This 13 figure set contains 30mm figures for modern horror gaming, and includes: 1 x Macavoy (Mercenary), 1 x Rodriguez (Mercenary), 3 x Crawler Zombie, 1 x Crawler Zombie with knife, 3 x Shambler Zombie, 1 x Shambler with knife, 1 x Shambler Zombie with machete and 2 x Bioweapon 2.0.
The set comes with 1 page of external modern horror bases, 1 page of internal modern horror bases, and for the first time a print and play display diorama for your DARKMOOK Survival Horror figures!
Something of a return to form, this set expands the ever growing zombie hoards and embattled survivors of the Survival Horror universe!

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