Friday, 11 August 2017


After something of a hiatus, Darkmook Paper Miniatures returns with our first tabletop scenery set!

The SUPERNATURAL WESTERN TOWN set includes 9 fold flat Western Buildings: Doctor’s Office, Sheriff’s Office, Gunsmith, Barber, General Store, Bank, Saloon, Undertaker and Railroad Station (with track).

Bank, Barber, Doctor's Office and Saloon

Gunsmith, General Store, Undertaker and Sheriff's Office

Railroad Station and Track

Undertaker page layout

The SUPERNATURAL WESTERN TOWN is designed for use with any Western themed tabletop or roleplaying game, and is ideal for Weird West horror settings like Dracula's America: Shadow of the West.

Buildings are designed to be easy to assemble and can be stored flat when not in use.

The set is available from RPG Now, so go get 'em cowboy!

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