Thursday, 1 April 2010


The Survival Horror Occult Terrors Free Sampler Set 1 is now available from RPGNow!
This free set contains 6 x 30mm scale paper miniatures for use in modern horror gaming:
Sissy (possessed Co-ed), John (Occult Investigator), John (casting spell), Gunnar the Butcher (Crazed Slasher), Jamie (The Cheerleader), Daniel (Vampire Sire).
The Daniel, Vampire Sire miniature is exclusive to this set!
The other characters have been previously included in the One Monk free figure hoard but appear in this set with additional details and re-colouring, along with hexagonal modern horror bases for all 6 figures.


  1. Hey Amigo!

    Thanks for the great birthday present!
    I posted a review on RPGNow:

    Collecting DARKMOOK's contributions to the One Monk Monthly Figure Hoards (and a new vampire!) kicking off the next expansion for the forthcoming Survival Horror rules. I can hardly wait for the rules to be published! Until then, these great miniatures may be used in any modern occult games. It's great to have these figures collected on one sheet. Adam's attention to detail reveals itself in looking at the minor features -- a little spatter here, a little there.
    The majority of these figures simply cannot be found in metal, or would be unbearably costly if they were. Now, I loves me some metal, but it is a lot quicker to print off a sheet, cut, glue and play. I am also hoping Adam plans to include the title scenarios using these great miniatures when he gets the playtesting finished, and the rules published. Grab the other sampler too, and see the detail for yourself. I especially like having the three-stage progression in some of the figures.

  2. Hey hey!
    Thanks man-that's a great write up!
    The next playtest should be at the end of April, so will hopefully be posting a few pics and further details then. Set 4 is coming along slowly but surely, and should get a release soon.