Friday, 1 August 2014


Deputy Cho found herself trapped in the SH Medical Facility as the outbreak took hold. In the panic she overheard the research staff discussing a sample of some kind of virus, but figured it was too far outside her pay-grade to worry about it. Professor Elliot , one of the surviving researchers, soon convinced her that the sample may be the only chance to halt the oncoming storm. Despite her better judgement, she agreed to help him retrieve the sample before trying to summon rescue from the centre’s rooftop helipad…

Horror Hospital expands your Survival Horror experience with new room tiles, weapons, items and characters in a brand new scenario! Face down new doctor zombies and fend off surprise Shambler attacks in your search for the virus sample! Should you get up close and personal with the Tire Iron or go for multiple targets with the Molotov Cocktail? The choice is yours, just make sure you make it to the chopper!

10 Page Expansion pack includes:
Professor Elliot Miniature
Deputy Cho Miniature
10 Shambler Miniatures
15 Doctor Zombie Miniatures
12 Item/weapon cards
3 Character Cards
6 Room tiles
27 Bases
2 Page Rule/Scenario sheet
 Horror Hospital Expansion Pack is now available from RPGNow!

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