Sunday, 31 August 2014


Secret Agent Julius Only battles the mysterious Golden Claw in this Spy-Fi Adventures sample set for the Cardboard Warriors Forum Papercuts 2014 submission.

Photo credit: Ryan Vdk

Photo credit: David Parks
Currently in development from Darkmook Paper Miniatures, Spy-Fi Adventures is a super groovy 60’s espionage spy adventure table-top game using the Survival Horror Tabletop Game rules system.

This FIGURE ONLY set is available from RPGNow!

All DARKMOOK papercraft miniatures are designed in 30mm scale and rendered in 300dpi for maximum detail and color. All DARKMOOK 30mm character figures feature full front and back artwork, simple construction and are designed to look like traditional miniatures. Every model set includes the colored models ready to print and play as a printable PDF, with full color bases and basing instructions.

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