Friday, 9 November 2012


Head on over to the DARKMOOK MINIATURES Flickr stream to download these UNLOCKED Markers-ideal for indicating unlocked doors in your game! (Use instead of/alongside door models):


Open image, double click, select all sizes, select large size 1024x863, right click and print!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Thanks to all for their feedback following the initial release of the SURVIVAL HORROR TABLETOP GAME. Below is the subsequent FAQ/Errata-more to follow when required!


Models can move diagonally as long as the squares are not blocked by other models/doors/walls.

It costs 1AP to turn a full 180 °, and this action can be performed at any time during the player’s turn as long as they are not involved in H to H combat.


H to H
Models can perform H to H attacks diagonally.

A rear attack is defined as an attack targeting the rear three edges of the model’s octagonal base-the side and front three edges are classified as a frontal attack.

When attacked from behind the defender loses 1 from the highest dice roll. Modifiers are then applied as normal (Rulebook page 3). If the H to H continues, the model is turned to face the attacker for no AP cost.

Characters can only have 1 Snap Fire marker in place at any time. Once the shot is fired, this is removed. Snap Fire can be played again in their next turn if desired following the usual rules (Rulebook page 3).

Attacker must have a clear line of sight to the intended target. Line of sight is taken from the front 3 edges of the model’s octagonal base. Walls and doors block line of sight, and if another model is in front of the intended target this would be targeted instead.

A roll of a double 1 when trying to unjam a weapon will break it - a roll of a double 1 only breaks a weapon that is already jammed. Once unjammed, rolling a double 1 will simply jam it again.


For clarification, a character can carry a maximum of 4 items, and a maximum of 2 of them can be weapons (unless allowed additional items by backpack Item Card).

To pass an item from one model to another, they must be in adjacent squares. It costs 1AP to pass an item - it costs nothing for the model receiving the item.


Doors are considered unbreakable and cannot be destroyed by an attack.

Room Tiles

For clarification, the Room Tile Pack is shuffled before play begins. The player laying the tile chooses the orientation (addition to Rulebook page 4).


For clarification, Zombies, Zombie Hounds, Fast Zombies and Bio Weapon can only perform the following activities unless otherwise specified on the character card:

Move 1 square Enter H to H combat Open unlocked door

Enter open room Attack Closed/Blocked door

All cost 1AP.

Zombies, Zombie Hounds, Fast Zombies and Bio Weapon MUST try to reach and attack human models, using all AP’s to do so.

Zombies and Zombie Hounds MUST move towards (and take the shortest route to) a human model (Rulebook page 1).

Rules Clarification

Rulebook page 1

Roll results for Zombie Hounds under the Bioterror result indicate the number of Zombie Hound models to be placed:

1-2 = 1 Zombie Hound, 3-4 = 2 Zombie Hounds, 5-6 = 3 Zombie Hounds

Hope that clears up any issues and answers a few questions. Please contact us with any queries for the next FAQ!

Sunday, 4 November 2012


The outbreak began as a few isolated reports from small towns and truck stops scattered across the nation, dismissed as nonsense by most sane people. As the incidents increased in frequency and severity it soon became clear that they weren’t the ramblings of madmen as initially suspected. But by then it was too late; far, far too late…

The 59 page SURVIVAL HORROR TABLETOP GAME pdf contains all you need to enter the world of 30mm scale tabletop Modern Horror gaming! Pit survivor against zombie and mutated Bio Weapons and see who will survive! Just print, construct and add dice!
Available to purchase at RPGNow!
Survival Horror Tabletop Game Contains:
Rulebook (full colour and black and white printer friendly version)

20 room tiles

64 Item/Weapon cards

24 doors
5 player mats 
41 miniatures and bases

199 game tokens
1 sheet of quick start tokens

Survival Horror Tabletop Game is for 1 or more players

All DARKMOOK papercraft miniatures and products are designed in 30mm scale and rendered in 300dpi for maximum detail and color. All DARKMOOK 30mm character figures for Modern Horror gaming feature full front and back artwork, simple construction and are designed to look like traditional miniatures. Every model set includes the colored models ready to print and play as a printable PDF, with full color octagonal bases and full basing instructions.

IN REPLY TO A QUERY ABOUT WHAT TO EXPECT OF THE SURVIVAL HORROR TABLETOP GAME:(It) is an exploration/survival game in which tiles are laid to reflect the SHPD precinct house. You need to find specific items to complete the mission and escape, and the zombies spawn as rooms are uncovered and they gain successful spawn points. The zombies are fairly easily picked off to start with, but once they start gaining a hold survival becomes a lot more difficult!

Health and actions are controlled by the same points (so the more health you lose, the less actions you can perform), and there are modifiers for combat/damage etc. You also need to find a way of opening locked and barricaded doors, and working either with or against the other human players. Of course, if you are the zombie player then all you need is to kill all humans...